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September 08 2017

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Happy Labor Day. Today I learned about probably the first strike to happen IN SPACE.

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Glad we made that clear

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We have millions of people, who don’t have anything to eat. How do we solve America’s Oversupply of bread problem?

We solve it by abolishing the system that relies on overproduction and inadequate distribution of goods for profit.

Anarchist Santa Claus always has the answer.


Mario and Donkey Kong are in the same universe, everyone already knows this


Donkey Kong’s sidekick character is Diddy Kong


Diddy Kong has a spinoff racing game


This is the character select screen from that game


First thing of note here is Banjo is here


So we can confirm that Banjo-Kazooie and Mario take place in the same universe, just from that, but the more troubling thing is Conker is here


Conker got his own game after this called Conker’s Bad Fur Day


And the final boss of Conker’s Bad Fur Day is unmistakably


a xenomorph

Super Mario Brothers, Banjo-Kazooie, and the Alien movies all take place in the same universe, this is canon, pass it along

i decided to map this, and things got out of hand. long post below the cut.

<!-- more -->

slightly expanded map. final fantasy comes in from the bonus level of mario hoops (an under rated mario sports game, btw.) the new mario + rabbids gives us the rabbids and of course rayman, sonic and mario have been friends for a while now.

this is the fun 80s part of the map. alien gives us predator, alien and predator gives us terminator, terminator gives us robocop, robocop gives us the wwe via promotional fights for robocop 3. wwe gives us every other major wrestling league (not pictured.) predator also gives us judge dredd, and i didn’t go all in on the 2000 ad links, because that would be excessive.

sonic, meanwhile, connects us to the megaman/capcom continuum. pretty standard, but megaman and the entire marvel universe co-exist, so that’s pretty cool. we also get star wars via soul calibur via tekken via street fighter.

this is the single best part of the map. predator, of all things, connects us to archie comics. archie connects us to both glee and tmnt. tmnt will deliver us the nickelodeon shared universe - which goes back a long long way thanks to a constant stream of crossovers. meanwhile, we also pick up power rangers from two angles (three if we include justice league/power rangers), and dc via batman and the ninja turtles. garfield is also here, for some reason.

to cap it off, final fantasy gets us kingdom hearts which obviously gives us disney.

the canon is v. crowded.

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i just typed the sentence ‘when i heard that morrowind song again i cracked a fat’ in a message to my brother, but i had the foresight to not send it.






exchanging grammatically correct emails with adults is the most uncomfortable form of human interaction in existence

People who unironically reblog this have to psych themselves up for 15+ minutes to make phone calls

ur fucking right we do

that’s accurate yes

That’s not true at all. I just avoid making the call altogether

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Raikou ~ Thunder Meadow

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why does palkia say it like that

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Seen lots of people (coughgenwunnerscough) say that they think the newer pokemon ‘feel’ different because of their more cute and rounded eye shapes compared to the originals, so I thought I would actually find out what the difference was between generations. ‘Pointy’ and ‘round’ categories were pretty objective but ‘hybrid’ was a more subjective for some cases.

By percentage Gen1 has the most pointy eyes and second-fewest rounded eyes… so I guess in the strict sense they are right? However Gen2 immediately afterwards has the most rounded eyes and near the greatest disparity between major eye types, and I never hear anyone complain about this generation (I personally barely distinguish gen1 and gen2 from each other), so I’m not sure this justification really stands up. There does not appear to be a clear trend for eyes becoming more round and cute as time goes on - generations 3, 4, and 5 are all essentially the same spread and are similar enough to gen1 that they can be considered unchanged throughout, all being within a 5% range of each other.

However, gen7 has shown a rapid increase in hybrid eye shapes and the lowest number of ‘pointy’ and ‘round’ eyes of any generation. Unlike gen1 where 85% of all pokemon are suggested to be either aggressive or cute by their eye shape, gen7 is more nuanced with far more pokemon falling somewhere in between.

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The Pikachu Collection

September 07 2017

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Major Breach: Hackers Have Infiltrated Nick Jr.’s Servers And Leaked Sensitive ‘Peppa Pig’ Plotlines Containing Spoilers About The Importance Of Sharing

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

Large companies may spend millions on data security efforts, but every so often, thieves manage to sneak behind a firewall and steal a whole trove of data. The most recent victim was Nickelodeon, and it truly got hit hard: Hackers have infiltrated Nick Jr.’s servers and leaked unaired Peppa Pig plotlines containing spoilers about the importance of sharing.

There’s no question about it: Nick Jr. has a real problem on its hands.

Read more


Leftists: We should stop relying on a system of profit and endless growth and redirect our production to helping people and solving climate change. It will save the planet!

Right-Wing: No, because climate change isn’t happening.

Enlightened Centrist: You’re both being ridiculous. Clearly the answer, as always, lies somewhere in the middle. Climate change is happening, but we shouldn’t do anything about it.


i oppose queer cafes not for any moral or political reason but the fact that you kno they gon name a drink “twink” with extra whipped cream and sell it

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FBI training school, 1932.  

“shoot the unconscious man in the dick, but make sure to leave no fingerprints.”

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